Strengthen Public Education

     Our future depends on how well we prepare our children. As parents, we focus much of our adult lives raising and educating our children. No matter what school your child goes to, because we live in a rural community, all the children know each other growing up doing soccer, swimming, and other sports, as well as through church and theater programs. One of the State's biggest responsibilities is to support our public schools to provide a top quality education for all of our diverse student population. 

     Providing our teachers and administrators with sufficient support is essential to success at our public schools. Providing appropriate state support for early childhood education is definitely helpful to help prepare our youngsters to start kindergarten and succeed. Because we are a community of life-long learners, offering opportunities locally for college education and continuing adult education is very important to our community. UH-Hilo, Hawaii Community College and the UH Center - West Hawaii at Palamanui must provide a path to successful employment for our high school graduates by offering a variety of academic and technical training programs.